There’s a new car on the horizon, and that car is Comiket 68.

SCOOP OF THE DAY: In the past couple of days the biannual Comiket circle space confirmations have begun popping up like weeds on doujin sites everywhere. We’re officially in hype season for 68, folks, so warm up those doujin hunting skills and join #comicmarket on for a lack of discussion about anything in particular.

  • [ANIME] There’s a short promo video for Amaenaideyo! available in the “story” section of its official site. If more Buddhist priests were buxom blondes in low-cut robes I’d imagine it would do wonders for their faltering PR presence in Japanese society.
  • [ANIME] WOWOW has updated its official sites for Shuffle and Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid.
  • [FIGURE] Toranoana/Fox’s new “Palm Characters” figure brand is following up its initial To Heart 2 release with a set of Disgaea figures, set to come out in July.
  • [MOOK] Also out in July is Lollipop, an artbook from POP-sensei of circle Electromagnetic Wave fame. CAUTION: if you do not like cute things, for the love of whatever you love do not click on either of these links.
  • [MUG-CUP] This site contains some new and interesting Fate goods, chief among them being this attractive Saber/Rin mug.

No featured site today, alas. I’m just about out of good artists I can link to without emailing beforehand…

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 51 days