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Translated from the official Comic Market 68 Genre Code List. In the majority of cases these genres can be intrepreted as “doujinshi based on x,” where “x” is the genre title; exceptions to this are the “original” genres (not based on anything), school circles, and doujin software (both can be based on various properties, but aren’t based on themselves).

Day 1

  • Manga (shounen)
  • Manga (shoujo)
  • Manga (seinen)
  • Manga (GanGan)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Games (fighting)
  • Games (non-electronic)
  • Online Games
  • Games (other)
  • Games (RPG)
  • Square/Enix (RPG)
  • Games (renai)
  • Anime (other)
  • Anime (Sunrise)
  • Gundam

Day 2

  • Manga (Jump: other)
  • Manga (Jump: sports)
  • One Piece
  • Naruto
  • Prince of Tennis
  • Novels
  • History
  • Original (novel, literature)
  • Special Effects/Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Railroad/Travel/Mecha/Military
  • Music (western and traditional)
  • Music (male idol)
  • TV/Movie/Pop Culture
  • Sports
  • Other

Day 3

  • Original (shounen)
  • Original (shoujo)
  • Original (JUNE)
  • School Circles
  • Criticism/News
  • Doujin Software
  • Leaf & Key
  • Galge (visual novels, dating sims, bishoujo games, eroge)
  • Original (male-oriented)
  • Anime (male-oriented)
  • Games (male-oriented)

This breakdown is virtually identical to that of Comiket 67 (though decompressed into the standard three-day schedule), with the one notable addition of TYPE-MOON as its own genre on day three. With Leaf and Key combined getting only one classification between them this is a testament to the enormous following the brand has gained in the scant year and a half since it went pro with the release of Fate/Stay Night. With the Fate anime waiting in the wings as well as Hollow Ataraxia coming later this year, the fortunes of this doujin circle turned minor media empire are looking very bright indeed.