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Mainichi Junk: Payday Edition

Happy Birthday Mayu Tamano! and sundry news items

Mainichi Junk: Morning Post

Amaenaideyo! official site, BotS III ED single and drama CD, Misaki figure preorder, Oshioki Sweetie, Extacy Allergy

Mainichi Junk: One Note Samba

johnny could only sing one note and the note he sang was this

Mainichi Junk: Win-chan Update Deux

in whcih the blues get to everyone’s favorite OS idol

Mainichi Junk Sunday

light news day, go look at Moetry’s WHF Ariake pics

Mainichi Junk: Daughters of the American Revolution

Nadesico rereleased, age of Aquarius dawns

Mainichi Junk: Golden Week is Over

and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (t-shirt not included)

Mainichi Junk: Happy Birthday Chiduru Sakaki!

and to meganekko everywhere

Mainichi Junk: Win-chan Update

Kaicho was a cakewalk by comparison

Mainichi Junk Underground

Win-chan’s hair is a monumental undertaking.

Mainichi Junk: May Day Edition

now excerpted