Kuroai vol. 2 official site up, some figure news

Ero Side

Figure Side

  • In July, Hobby Japan will be putting out a Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Visual Book – Special Tachikoma File which will come with this model Tachikoma included. Price: 2100 yen.
  • Solid Theater is planning to create PVC models of two characters from Purple Software’s Shuushoku Renka, and will choose which two to make based on the results of this poll.
  • Due out at the end of June is this pre-painted Ryomou. There’s something about putting Ikkitousen characters in this pose that makes my wallet turn inside out… this is far too hot for its own good.
  • On sale now: Keroro Heroines trading figures!

Today’s featured site is Momoto Ichigo, home of doujin soft creators MOMOTO and FUMIHIROSHI.


    Another solid addition to the annals of futanari lore, Momoto Ichigo comes up with a compelling package of juicy [bb] that should be on any enthusiast’s dlsite purchase roster. Aside from the sample images from their visual novel releases the site is doesn’t have much in the way of graphic testimony to this, but what they do have should be convincing enough.

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