New Ken Akamatsu anime, Bakuten OVA, figures

Anime Side

  • According to Ken Akamatsu’s official homepage, his Itsu Datte My Santa manga is heading for an OVA release. Pardon my lack of enthusiasm here.
  • For no fathomable reason Bakuretsu Tenshi is also getting OVAfied. I suppose these two headlines are karmic retribution for yesterday’s good news in the anime department.

Ero Side

  • Crossnet has uploaded the opening movie for their next release, Ayakashi. Some pretty animation, but they should really stick to their strengths.

Figure Side

  • Save me Chise! Kotobukiya PVC release slated for august.
  • On sale now: Toynami Chii PVC, Toynami Yuzuki PVC, Aizu Hurricane Honey cold cast (this is far too tempting), EX Figure Sakura PVC [1] and [2], reissue of Yamato Hakufu and Ryomou PVCs, Epoch Ikkitousen trading figures

As the news is fairly light today we’ll pick up the slack with a featured site double header. First up to the plate is G’s room, home of the fine artist Gumma.

    G's room

    I stumbled across Gumma’s page a couple of years ago, perhaps via a link from The page of Boobs, and it was love at first sight. He hasn’t updated much in the past several months as he’s picked up a steady gig penning for Comic Megastore H, but the contents of his gallery as they stand are quite bountiful, including two short doujin available for viewing in their entirety. Given his penchant for larger-bosomed girls my liking of his work is perhaps unsurprising, but aside from his quality renderings of several of my favorite characters I like the muted tones and sketchy lines that define his style. Despite his recent elevation to steady eromanga work his art still feels amateur, in a rough, doujinka way that I find a refreshing change from the nearly vector-quality pen lines of many professional manga artists. Unfortunately if you’re looking to buy his stuff you may be out of luck, short of doujin auctions or the royal pain in the ass that is Dejipare.

Today’s second feature is another haven of the well-proportioned, artist konmori’s Kinbou Sokai.

    [近傍租界]-[kinbou sokai]

    Setting aside the current top image, konmori has a history of fine art which is readily accessible in his gallery and doujin page. The defining point of his style is his artful use of curves in all the right places, which combined with a simple yet effective coloring scheme lets him produce at an exemplary volume. His character renditions are more cute than hot, and while I generally prefer it the other way around he makes it work to his advantage. Like Gumma the only ready foreign access to his work is via Dejipare, sadly.

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