eroanime news aplenty, and Cave’s Ibara site updated. today’s featured site: SMILE.

Ero Side

In not porn news, Cave’s Ibara site has been updated with further game information as well as wallpapers featuring character promo art.

To continue with today’s [bb] theme our featured site is SMILE, home of the seldom-updating artist Shiragi.


    The infrequency of his updates belies his productivity, as he usually manages to put out a new item of doujin soft every Comiket in conjunction with circle πo2. The appeal of what he does have on the site is obvious, at least if you’re me; he combines compellingly large bosoms with a softer coloring style while keeping the feel of starched, jagged folds in clothing that I find particularly attractive. Also, Bon Jovi.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 58 days