Muv Luv Alternative official site renewal, eroge demo movies

SCOOP OF THE DAY: Age-soft’s Muv Luv Alternative goes live! The official site is finally graced by more than just a placeholder image, although not by much.

Ero Side

  • 七人のオンラインゲーマーズ~オフライン~

    Shichinin no Online Gamers manages to grab a spot in the news yet again with today’s release of a 4+ minute “system movie.” The first minute and a half is identical to the demo movie released yesterday, but the latter part shows us some of the game’s quirks we’ll get to play around with that deviate from the traditional ADV mold. I’m looking forward to the PVP feature especially, as it’s reminiscent of the “talk battles” from Akibakei Kanojo which leant a lot of flavor to the game.

  • In other Teck brand news, MBS Truth has a demo movie available for Futari de Marvel Shichaimasu!. They get a whole lot of mileage out of the theme song here. The game itself is looking to be a solid release, but nothing exceptional; typical MBS fare.
  • Not really news, but every time I check up on the status of Studio Mebius I stop for a minute to look at the moetic top image and chuckle at its contrast with their upcoming title, THE GOD OF DEATH.

Site of the Day

Today’s site joins the ranks of errors in being yet another mysterious dlsite-only circle: circle ALPA.

    I stumbled across its heretofore unknown existence this morning on an image source query message board. The image in question turned out to be the Yoruichi from this set in particular, and I was hooked. All Google turned up was this dlsite page, but it’s better than nothing – a few bucks will get you some really fine [bb] art in SEED, My HiME, Stellvia, Jinki and other wonderful flavors. I may put dlsite’s new “no foreign credit cards” policy to the test for a couple of these sets…

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 61 days