wide ero load, habanero-tan house, hadaka no fumoffu?!

Anime Side

  • A trailer for episode three of Top wo Nerae! 2 is available at its official site.
  • Tonagura!, a manga serialized in Comic Rush, is becoming an anime. Aside from the obvious fanservice implications I don’t know much about this one.
  • Futakoi Melt Collective episode 2 is online!

Ero Side

  • 七人のオンラインゲーマーズ~オフライン~

    According to the front page of the official G.J? site, Shichinin no Online Gamers will hit store shelves on July 22nd! I’ll be heading home for a couple of weeks on the 20th so I’m half hoping it gets pushed back quality up no tame or something, but if not I’ll figure out a way to preorder it. Other significant Shichinin site updates today include an OP movie (worth watching, especially for a remixed version of the intro theme) and a flash-based demo of the Seven Warriors Online world. Apparently you’ll be able to wander around a map for awhile within the broader ADV context of the game.

  • July’s Tech GIAN is out today, notable for the inclusion of an age gate to the site (one would think this would be a no-brainer for an eroge magazine, but for the past year that URL has given direct access to 18+ content. No wonder the porn haters are crying foul). The usual features are also present; looks like they’re scooping Propeller’s Ayakashibito and Muv Luv Alternative this month. I’m holding out hopes that the included Jingai Makyou image is a fold-out poster uncluttered by text…
  • Speaking of Jingai Makyou, its official site has just been updated with two new voiced scenes you can click through in flash, a new preview version of the game available for download that’s more than twice as big as the previous one (byte-wise), a new character bio and information on about half of the staff working on the project. Along with Shichinin this is one of the summer 2005 releases I’m most anticipating. [EDIT] there are also several wallpapers newly available in the “DOWNLOAD” section of the flash version of the official site.
  • Alice Soft’s Pastel Chime Continue has uploaded a few multi-shot ero scenes you can click through here.
  • Ark Shell is a new eroge brand slated to make its debut with a title known as Tottemo Harem. The character designs are downright boring, but from the sample CG update today the game just might ride on the silliness implied by its title.
  • Gearing up for its May 27th release, Nomad has posted images of the telephone cards to be released with the sale of Ryoujoku Idol Mesudorei from the various usual purveyors. They’ve also rounded out the set of viewable ero scenes posted to the site. With Ayatsuri Bloomer out of the running, this is probably the title I’m most looking forward to in this month’s release cycle.
  • Speaking of Ayatsuri Bloomer, the full set of CG we’re likely to see on the official site is now completely available. Several additional, high-res game images are available from Game Style’s feature on the game; a consolation prize for those anticipating the June 3rd release, I expect.
  • Lilith Soft has posted a few more sample images from its upcoming Dorei na Kanojo (scroll to the bottom of the page to view).
  • In eroanime news, Animac has a page up for the June 24th release of Makai Tenshi Jibril vol. 4.
  • Five rather mediocre-looking titles are available this week from Galge.com’s Vector download shop.
  • The release of the upcoming Colors title Kuruizaki Virgin Road has been pushed back from June 24th to July 29th.
  • Clockup’s 3GHz Fan Disc is coming out on June 24th, with several miscellaneous goodies inside. There is also a page up for their upcoming fall release, Kuro no Utahime. Not much there as of yet, but this is the one they were holding public auditions for last month, so perhaps there will be some singing involved as the game’s title suggests.

Misc. Side

  • [US MILITARY] The Few. The Proud. Hobby Japan’s Maritan page has been updated with a second 4-koma webcomic, a journal entry and several other images.
  • [HOT PEPPER] Habanero-tan House, June 18th on sale! BANZAI.
  • [ONSEN] Hadaka no Fumoffu?!! I’ll be ordering a box of these for sure, especially at that price point.
  • [OCTOGENARIAN] Moetry.org has already scooped this, but it’s worth bringing up again.
  • [OH! GREAT] Kaiyodo’s Bome-sculpted Maya and Aya Natsume PVC kits are being recast for a late July release! Good news for all of us who didn’t manage to snag both in the first run.

Today’s featured site is Momokan Egoism, home of artist Kei Jiei.


    The style here is roundy, cute, and if pressed to give it a Japanese onomatopoeic adjective it would have to be puni puni. Not quite within my strike zone generally speaking, but the few pieces of Ohno fan art in his gallery more than make up for general disinterest in the bulk of his site. His other [bb] attempts are of note as well, and if pettanko is your thing you should be quite happy here. The site is more fanservice than ero and the ero is pretty vanilla, so no worries there.

Shichinin no Online Gamers Release Countdown: 62 days