rage against the machine

  • [GOODS] A new Marimite drama CD, “First Date Triangle,” will be released on June 29th. [source]
  • [EROGE] Game Style has a page up for U・Me Soft’s June 3rd release of Fetishism 3.
  • [ANIME] AIC A.S.T.A has launched its own Gun Sword page here.
  • [ANIME] The official Amaenaideyo! site has a wallpaper available for download in its “download” section.
  • [EVENT] This year’s Tokyo Game Show will be held from September 16th to the 18th, with the newly-announced theme of “Looking Toward the Future from a Front Row Seat”.
  • [FIGURE] This set of original figures looks like it might be promising, although the promo image is discouragingly small.

Today’s featured site isn’t that of an artist. It’s got a metric ton of kanji. And it may be the one thing that stands between a rising tide of Japanese conservatism and your ability to jerk it to saucer-eyed cartoon porn. The URL says it all:


    From what I can gather this site was launched as part of a petition drive to stop the passage of a law in the Tokyo metropolitan area that would have set concrete rules as to what was and was not “obscene,” creating a blacklist of printed material to keep the city’s tender youth from being corrupted by the growing manga menace. The issue has been resolved favorably for the time being so the site’s maintainer, Yamaguchi Takashi, decided to use the site to post information on random issues of concern instead of letting the domain stagnate. Unfortunately the site hasn’t been updated since April of 2004, but this is the only coherent force I know of that is acting to preserve free speech for comic artists in Japan and as such deserves our support. The same way we’re contributing to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, right guys?