Binchou-tan anime site tanjou

Today’s News: TBS has an official site up for the Binchou-tan anime. It doesn’t have any actual content yet, much less news as to when it will air, but there is a nice splash image you can look at.

Today’s featured site is Web Graveyard, domain of the infrequently productive yet talented Yn_red.

    Web Graveyard

    Web Graveyard is worth standing in line for as the fiftieth person in a line of fifty only to be turned away as you approach his table and find that he has somehow already sold out. Maybe not worth quite that much, but he’s a damn fine artist who should really have more available for purchase than the two small CG sets available at dlsite [1] [2]. He’s shown an almost Oh Great!ian level of improvement from the earlier work on his site to his current material, which is undoubtedly some of the best futanari art around. Don’t take my word for it, though – if this site isn’t already in your regular rotation of bookmarks you owe yourself a visit.