If Gates started here Apple would have never had a chance.

Time Taken: 20-30 hours

In the final analysis Win-chan was an enormously frustrating model to build, far more difficult than Kaicho in ways that are hard to explain without thrusting the jumble of mismatched parts into your hands and asking you to somehow make them fit together without bits of white showing, or seams, or two parts trying to be in the same place at the same time. Several hours of masking alone went into this, although it doesn’t show; the skirt looks rather horrendous due to some unnecessary repair work I tried to do on it (especially that huge blotch of dark red – it’s like a boulder, a vast bowl of pus, and I hate it I hate it I hate it). I ran out of my flesh tone mixture just as I finished painting the torso but that left the legs a bit underexposed, which didn’t turn to be as big an issue as I thought it would be and is hardly noticable. What is far more noticable (though not in the pictures I took) is the hole on the top of her right foot where I drilled all the way through when pinning her to the base. This was done, of course, after I had painted the leg and I had no recourse to repair it. A lot of the mistakes here could probably have been avoided if I had more properly reasoned out an order of operations, but in this case I was working without a base until yesterday so I couldn’t mount her until then anyway. Some of the other problems weren’t my fault – the pieces fitting together in horrible ways and being generally inconvenient to preassemble to judge what needed to be jury-rigged or trimmed before painting. The interfacing of the hair, the collar(s) and the head was particularly tough in this regard. Kaicho, by contrast, was made of much fewer pieces that came together in a logical and relatively easy to handle way. One thing I thought did come out rather well was the stripes on the swimsuit, which was a two hour job that actually paid off. I did the eyes by hand and it shows, but she’s larger in scale than Yomiko and Rit-chan so the level of detail was less difficult to manoeuver. I think they turned out all right. As you can see I didn’t bother at all with the USB cable she has in her mouth in the official version; too much trouble all around for something minor with a good chance of seriously screwing up.

To sum up: the reason this looks so crappy is that it was a tough job all around. She still passes the “looks decent at a meter” test, so I’m happy. Next on the plate will most likely be Milk Tank Teacher Nene (not work safe), for whom I have a couple of modifications in mind. Kek kek.