Gun Sword official site open, Futalt net radio begins, new eroanime from Vanilla, etc. etc.

SCOOP OF THE DAY: Gun Sword’s official site finally has some content to it. As previously noted the character designs are by Kimura Takahiro, which bodes well for Carmen 99 (also here) but are otherwise merely fair. His hat is pierced, for crying out loud. I’m also getting a kick out of this guy’s weapon. Story-wise there’s not much there beyond what can be inferred from the site graphics; it’s not modern Japan and is more like an American western or an RPG. Hopefully they’ll provide something more substantial – With an air date of July 4th on TV Tokyo the hype can’t start too soon.

Anime Side

  • The official Air site has a promotional video for the summer episode OVA release here.
  • Starting in July on Chiba TV, Megami Magazine has a renewed excuse to flood its pages with terribly drawn posters of crappy characters that no one likes.
  • For the Futakoi Alternative lovers this is definitely worth checking out: as of yesterday Futakoi Melt Collective web radio is alive and kicking.
  • On September 21st for a cool $200 you can be the proud owner of the Re: Cutie Honey complete collection, coming with a DVD of extras, a drama CD, a posable figure, and a booklet of promotional posters (not poster size).

Ero Side

  • Coming up on May 25th (downloadable) and June 3rd (package version) is Black Lilith’s Dorei na Kanojo, now with sample CG. Probably won’t be picking this one up, despite its comedy value (don’t click at work. Never click any of these links at work).
  • Blue Gale’s Naisho no Tin-tin Time has posted a few more sample CG images.
  • Vanilla’s Bakunyuu Shimai vol. 2 is set for a July 8th release (click for sample screenshots).
  •’s Vector Download Shop has five fresh titles up for grabs from yesterday. I suppose I’m eventually going to have to cave in for the Kosutte Gin-Gin series…
  • Game Style has a promo page with some sample CG up for the May 27th release of Nomad’s Ryoujoku Idol Mesudorei.
  • UnDel Soft beats the curve with a June wallpaper available at its download page.

For today’s featured site we have the futanari powerhouse Norihei Chozou, the repository of Norihei Ita’s art and daily sketches.


    His style doesn’t fit my tastes perfectly, but the rather posed and slightly anatomically awkward feel of his pictures is more than offset by their quantity and consistent quality. If futanari are at all to your taste you owe it to yourself to check this site out with every sensory apparatus at hand.