Amaenaideyo! official site, BotS III ED single and drama CD, Misaki figure preorder, Oshioki Sweetie, Extacy Allergy

SCOOP OF THE DAY: Amaenaideyo! is a series coming up in July, with its official site here. I haven’t had a chance to look over the details yet but it seems this will be the Buddhist equivalent of Kamichu!. Also, eyebrows. I’ll translate the introduction later today if I get the chance.

Anime Side

  • Black Cat is another show coming up, this one in the fall. Its official site isn’t doing it any favors, unfortunately.
  • BeSTACK announces the May 27th release of the second Battleflag of the Stars III drama CD, as well as the anime’s ending theme “Tenohira no Yume” (“The Dream in the Palm of your Hand”), as sung by Shiratori Emiko. The ED single will also include the show’s main theme as its third track after the ED and its karaoke version.

Ero Side

  • Hadashi’s Oshioki Sweetie page has been updated all around, with a new character (don’t miss the poses), a few new CG shots, and a page where you can vote (one vote per person per day, please) on the costume you most want to see in the game from a collection that currently totals 301 options. I’m really looking forward to this one.
  • Active Soft, publisher of Bible Black and Discipline, has a new game coming out on May 27th: Seven – Sympathy for the Fairies –. It seems to have been in development for two years and looks totally uninteresting from the package art displayed on the site.
  • Two more items from Clockup‘s library are being rereleased as volumes three and four of the Clockup Collection: Kegareta Eiyuu and Presence.
  • Volume two of Poasha’s Kosutte Gin-Gin is being released for download on May 13th at Still holding out hopes for a package version…
  • The release date of MBS Truth’s Futari de Marvel Shichaimasu! has been pushed back to June 24th.

Goods Side

  • Another Touhou arrange CD is available for preorder from Toranoana here.
  • Hoshi no Koe’s UMD release is scheduled for July 7th, at 2,500 yen (tax included).
  • The previously announced Welcome to the NHK! Vol. 4 with Misaki figure can be preordered from here.
    Today’s featured site is Extacy Allergy, a sporadically updated but quite comprehensive list of futanari artist site updates managed by a fellow known as TRY. His most recent update was May 6th, so chances are if you go clicking through the sites he’s linked you’ll find something you haven’t seen. The ones with ふたなりさんヽ(´ー`)ノ written beneath them have new futanari images somewhere on the site.

    Extacy Allergy