johnny could only sing one note and the note he sang was this

As nothing seems to have happened in Japan yesterday I will limit today’s entry to an artist’s site I heartily recommend: Fanatic Fetish, home of the reclusive Kirio Tsukioka. He doesn’t mention his LINK FREE status on the site, but there’s not much of anything there so I have taken it upon myself to spread the word regardless.

Fanatic Fetish

If you’re into the slightly seamier side of H art you’ve probably seen this fellow’s images from one of his earlier titles making the image board rounds in the past. If you’ve been to his site before you’ve also seen the frustrating lack of images in his “Gallery” and the frustratingly small thumbnails of works in progress in the “Note” section. Despite the lack of site content it’s worth a link, if only to acknowledge the creative force behind some of the best dickgirl/futanari art around – doubly so because today he suddenly announced the release of Elixir, a new item of doujin soft. According to his current entry in “Note” it’s a doujin-style work, 18 pages of color and black and white illustrations along with a mini game of some kind. It’s currently only available from Dejipare, and while he’s submitted it for sale at dlsite he’s not confident that it will clear the site’s recently tightened standards. He says he’ll stop using dlsite if it doesn’t clear, an unfortunate blow to his English-speaking fans. A final note regarding the new release is that the mini game apparently only works in IE. Kek kek. Regardless, I can’t wait to get my hands on this. A pity Dejipare is such a bitch to navigate…

[May 14 EDIT] Elixir is now available for purchase from DiGiket, which appears to accept foreign credit cards. Instructions on how to navigate the order page can be found here [1] [2] [3]. Plans are afoot to resubmit the piece to dlsite after its initial rejection, but as of yet they apparently haven’t panned out.