Nadesico rereleased, age of Aquarius dawns

SCOOP OF THE DAY: While not completely fresh, this is certainly newsworthy: in anticipation of the spring 2006 rerelease of Nadesico (remastered video, 5.1 channel audio, typical bells and whistles), Angela, of Stellvia OP fame, will be releasing a maxi single cover of You Get to Burning! on September 7th. I for one am looking forward to this piece of aural delight.

Other Headlines

  • Prayers: Tsumetai Koi is a new OVA, the first episode of which will be released on August 26th. Check out the five-minute trailer here. If you don’t you’ll be missing out big time – this looks like a quality throwback to what made 80’s-90’s anime great: the destruction of Tokyo, rock stars, government conspiracy, androids, postapocalyptica. I’m getting a bit of a Key the Metal Idol vibe here, in a good way.
  • If you are offended by cute things do not click here to see the figure that will be included with the July 15th release of Otona ni Naru Jumon, vol. 3.
  • Exciting developments on the Maritan front, including several new images in various parts of the site and the first installment of the web comic. The few, the proud.

Ero Side

  • Nitro+’s Jingai Makyou page has updates in the Pictures, News, Story, and Characters sections. Just one new image in Pictures, but it looks like they’ve all been retrofitted in flash with music and character dialogue. Worth checking out.
  • Alterna’s Shirokuro has character voice samples available for download in mp3 format here.
  • Game-Style has a special page up for Escude’s May 27th release of Eiyuu X Maou. The demo movie is pretty fun, and by fun I mean metal.
  • Black Cyc’s Yami no Koe Ibunroku has a new front page image and a couple of new sample CG shots up.
  • Rune: Team Bitters’ Rinkan Byoutou has posted images of the telephone cards to be included with the game’s initial release on May 27th, based on place of purchase.

I’m thinking of starting a new feature to go along with these daily updates in which I post a link or two to artists’ sites I find noteworthy, along with short descriptions of said sites. I’ll probably need to open another page in the sidebar for the backlog, but I’ve been thinking of doing that anyway. Today’s entry will be to test the waters: any and all feedback on this idea is appreciated.

The first featured site of the day is Hakidame, the image repository of an artist known only as “3”.


    Aside from the cover illustration of this novel I’m not sure what professional work he’s done, but a few of the pictures from his top image collection (accessible from the sidebar on the left side of the page) have been heavily circulated on various image boards. He has an angular, bold, sassy, almost agressive style of digital painting that I really dig and hope to find more of in the future.

The latter end of today’s double feature is the home page of Circle Orange Peels.


    You’ll want to click on the left page option for the full graphics version of the site. The bulk of the site content is sample images from the circle’s various doujin soft releases, available for purchase/download here. Those not into [bb] should probably give this one a miss.