now excerpted

  • [EROGE] G.J?’s Shichinin no Online Gamers site has been updated with a description of the game system, which is looking quite varied and interesting. Of greater immediate interest is the game’s opening theme, a short version of which is now available for download.
  • [GAME] Tenchu is coming to the PSP, with a release scheduled for July 28th. Hopefully this will serve to further vindicate the system’s purchase.
  • [MANGA] Welcome to the NHK! volume four, limited edition Misaki figure version, is available for preorder from Toranoana here.
  • [WALLPAPER] Adorn your desktop with a fresh May wallpaper from Ankh-soft or Purple Software!

In addition: if you’ve been thinking of gouging your eyes out with a blunt instrument recently but haven’t found the proper excuse to do so you can look at a couple of my recent scribbles here.