Comic Revolution FINAL is tomorrow. Do you know where your children are?

REMINDER: Tomorrow (April 24th) is Comic Revolution FINAL, so check your favorite circles’ sites for release updates. I’m not planning to go myself but if I do get around to checking and come across an irresistable item or two I may sucker myself into it. The catalogue was sold out in every store I went to in Akiba yesterday, which is grim news for attendance figures, as is the weather – if it’s anything like it was today there will be nothing keeping the entire country from descending on Sunshine City. I hope for the sake of my own physical integrity that nothing I want will be for sale there.


  • Something called Happy 7 is becoming an anime. The site doesn’t have any details yet, and the first glance provided here isn’t particularly inspiring.
  • Rozen Maiden ~Traumend~ has a new calendar wallpaper available for download at the TBS official site.
  • I was somewhat disappointed by the extras included with Genshiken DVD box 3. Having loyally purchased all three boxes from Toranoana I obtained their proprietary “ULTRA RARE ITEM,” which turned out to be a B5 size book with about twenty pages of recycled promotional art and DVD covers from the anime and a few pieces of black and white fan art from artists who I didn’t recognize. I could have scanned the goods I already own and put it together myself. The 32 page Kujian manga drawn by the Genshiken artist that I thought would be included with the third Kujian episode disc was not a manga at all, just another rehash of character profiles, preproduction material and screenshots from the show in what they called a “mook.” That’s not a mook you fucknauts, it’s a cheap-ass stapled pamphlet that isn’t even in color. The third item I was anticipating was the Kujian doujin fighting game that was supposed to come along with the purchase of all three box sets. It turns out that buying the three box sets only gives you the right to order the game, which costs another 2,000 yen. Or maybe that’s shipping and handling. Regardless, I feel like I’ve been had. Never mind that all this information was laid out beforehand, no doubt, and in my zealous pursuit of all things Genshiken I didn’t read descriptions as thoroughly as I should have. I thought $435 would buy more. I guess I was wrong. I’ll be thinking long and hard before I buy another Japanese DVD.
  • Elsewhere in the Genshiken whoredom, mini Kujian costumes are now available. Dress your fetus up as Kaicho, and don’t forget to scroll down to reserve her helmet for yourself! At 51,975 yen, tax included, it’s a steal!
  • Kamichu! has a bbs up attached to the official site. Go there and tell the producers just how happy you are that Hanaharu is drawing the manga in Dengeki Daioh, starting this month. This may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back as far as my succombing to the Daioh lure.

Eroge Report

  • I need to link Innocent Grey’s Karutagura again because the art is seriously awesome. This isn’t on my purchase docket because I don’t think it’s the sort of game that would entice me to play through it all the way, but boy are those some pretty pictures.
  • You may have gotten enough of Nanase Ren in the past several Yakin Byoutou games and eroanime series, but she hasn’t had enough of you, apparently.
  • As of yesterday, these five games are available for download from If someone takes advantage of this let me know, I’d be curious as to how overseas-friendly their service is.
  • Eiyuu X Maou is looking to be an interesting game, especially for the demon girl fans. A May 27th release date might put this on the agenda for next month. [official site]
  • Slave Device info is up for Yuzuri over at Alterna’s Shirokuro page.
  • Nitro+ has confirmed the June 24th release of Jingai Makyou. An introductory demo of the game is newly available here, an item I intend to investigate shortly.

Odds and Ends

  • Yet another Touhou remix album is coming out, this one slated for May 4th. Linked for the fetching cover art.
  • Official Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro figure news and images here. [bonus ero versions here]
  • An Okusama wa JoushikouseiComic DVD” is coming out on June 30th for 3,990 yen, featuring the voice of Kawasumi Ayako. In other Okujou news, the recently-released Volume 7 of the manga contains a reversible A4-size poster, one side featuring the Kobayashi Hiyoko-rendered female protagonist and the other featuring Takizawa Nonami, both in identical poses and one-piece swimsuits. I don’t think there’s much more I need to say about this.
  • This game scares the shit out of me, and if I were Japanese it would turn me off to the English language more convincingly than any number of Yukari-senseis or overbearing blonde bimbo anime foreigners.