several interesting news items and a sage/age/orz revelation

SCOOP OF THE DAY: The first of three Battleflag of the Stars III Drama CDs was released today, with the remaining two scheduled for May 27 and June 24 releases respectively. The fact that this information comes as a newspost on the Gainax official site raises speculation about their involvement in the animation of the new series, which is currently slated to debut “this summer.” From a quick check against the vocal cast listed for the original Banner of the Stars at ANN, it seems the cast on this drama CD (and likely the new series) will remain unchanged.

The remainder of today’s news doesn’t break into categories particularly well:

  • [FIGURE] Goodsmile is releasing a very handsome set of Fate/Stay Night trading figures in August, available for preorder from Toranoana and HLJ. Their Rider also shipped in the past few days, and last night I had it in hand. Pictures forthcoming when time allows.
  • [KEITAI] In other Fate news, Animate is putting out an all-color anthology Fate comic for cell phones (click for Saber holding a very large fish).
  • [EROGE] Sofmap is listing Nitro+’s Jingai Makyou as having a release date of June 24th. This hasn’t been made official by the company itself and should be taken with a grain of salt, but is probably a good ballpark figure.
  • [MOOK] An item that would be the daily scoop on any other day, Heartfulnet announces the release of a Troubled Windows: OS-tan artbook! Out on June 13th, it will include the art of over 25 of 2chan’s toshiaki as well as photos of OS-tan figures. At a price of 2,205 yen (tax included) this is an item that no one of sane mind and stout body can pass up.
  • [EROGE] Irish eroge fans everywhere rejoice, Yotsunoha is here (or will be at some as-yet undisclosed point in the future). The resemblance to a certain curious green-haired little girl seems purely coincidental, but with a URL like “” this is surely a brand to be trusted.
  • [RADIO] For the heartful masochists episode four of Kiminozo Radio is online.
  • [ANIME] TBS has their official Ichigo Mashimaro page up, and air dates! The Cute and Pop Story begins on July 14th.
  • [ANIME] Scroll down here for candid, revealing images of Futakoi Alternative artifacts.
  • [GAME] Sega’s Puyo Puyo Fever was released for Windows, and has now been patched. Who knew?
  • [GAME] An Alice in Wonderland MMORPG is in the works. Crazy.

This isn’t news, but yesterday in the course of conversation with the proprietor of the local hobby shop I came upon a stunning revelation. I suspect it may be so only for myself and everyone else who has ever frequented a Japanese BBS is snickering at me right now, but here it is.

sage = 下げ, meaning “go down” and pronounced “sah gay,” not like the venerable scholar.

age = 上げ, meaning “go up” and pronounced “ah gay,” not like the number of years I’ve been alive.

orz = a prostrating head, arms, and folded legs, not a bizarre reflex finger jerk tacked onto the end of posts that reads as the latter part of “haxxorz,” a sound that doesn’t exist in the Japanese language (and possibly not in English either). You learn something new every day.

[EDIT] To clarify: I knew what the function of sage and age were (flushing and bumping posts), but I never associated them with the relevant Japanese words. I’m not sure whether this is more stupid than not knowing anything about the terms at all. I suspect it is.