mixed results

The last stages of the project, the details, are where things have the biggest possiblity of going seriously wrong. The hardest element wound up being the face, unsurprisingly, but specifically the mouth area, which I repainted several times and still doesn’t look that great. I did the eyes in marker and I think they look ok. I didn’t use the airbrush at all today, did a bunch of hand-painted touchups and obviously the face is hand-painted as well, something I think I’ll shy away from on the next project, although it doesn’t look nearly as leperous here as my poor Yomiko does. I may post pictures for comparison between the two projects later, but Kaicho is certainly progress overall. The biggest stupid mistake that happened in the final stage here was lifting her torso with my finger firmly planted on her left breast before the coat of sealant was dry. It put a fingerprint through the paint and somehow managed to discolor it as well. I tried to compensate on the fly with some hand brushwork but it obviously didn’t work all that well. The most important thing here, I figure, is that I’ve learned a lot doing this and with any luck the next one will be better. Tentatively slated for that position is OS Idol Win-chan; wish me luck.