forays in airbrushing

With a ventilation fan installed in my room and a new table to work on I could delay the use of the airbrush no longer. Today’s results were mixed, but I learned a lot in the process: 1) I need to be more anal with masking, as it would be a bitch to fix the little irregularities at the bottom of the white band on her skirt if I were inclined to try. 2) I tried to get more variation in her hair, and failed. I haven’t quite figured out why this is yet but I know it looked better before I applied the second, lighter layer of yellow, so next time I may leave the hair at one layer or read up more on the subject to figure out a better way of getting multi-toned hair.

As far as the basic functioning of the brush itself, I was quite pleased to see it work without a hitch. Although I followed the usage instructions as well as I could I was still half-expecting the thing to explode in my face, or clog, or gout raw paint all over the model or something. I will feel much more confident using it as I continue to work on Kaicho in the coming days.