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  • [ANIME] Hametsu no Mars (Mars of Destruction) is an OVA coming out on July 8th.
  • [ANIME] Marvelous Entertainment has a barebones site up for their upcoming series, Ryoufuu. For some reason they seem to be reading the kanji for “ryoufuu” as “suzuka.” Crazy bastards.
  • [EROGE] Pastel Chime Continue’s OP video is available for download here.
  • [EROGE] For the dickgirl Marimite fans, Naisyo no Tin-tin Time is here.
  • [GAME] Sakura Taisen V has an official site up here. It will be released on July 7th in two editions, a regular (7,800 yen) and a “Showtime Box” (14,000 yen).
  • [FIGURE] Thanks to KinKonKan’s magic book, I have visual confirmation that this is a PVC version of this Shinobu resin kit.