an intellectual hindenburg

I was talking with Albert today about the possibility of putting together an eroge, a conversation that came about out of our intense desire to probe the depths of something, perhaps insanity or a two-dimensional female orifice of some kind but I’m not really privy to these things. After tossing around some plot and format ideas (Full House is still on the table, please post favorite screencaps in comments) I remembered an idea we were looking at a month or two ago:

I figured we could use Ohno’s study abroad experience (from Genshiken) as a theme to build a game around. Thus the action would take place on an American college campus where a Japanese otaku girl came to study and the protagonist would be an anonymous long-banged eyeless anime club member. They could first meet when he is assigned to pick her up at the airport or show her around campus. In the supporting cast we would have the rest of the anime club, replete with a bitchy alpha female, some butter trolls and perhaps a good girl or two, and several guys with various corresponding social diseases. On the protagonist’s dorm floor would be a few other classmates, one being a Saki-esque girl who thinks all anime is tentacle porn. In an ironic twist of fate she could be attacked by a tentacle monster later in the game.

Events start with the introduction of the characters as the protagonist takes Miss Japanese otaku around and introduces her to campus life. From the beginning I thought it would be cool to have a dynamic like the one in Akibakei Kanojo in which the protagonist pits his filthy otaku knowledge against that of other characters in the game in a battle of wits and wills, only in this case his success will have an impact on his progress in the game instead of being an incidental feature. So the beginning of the game consists of getting to know the environment, conversations in various locations, campus and club events. However, all is not completely serene on the campus of X University…

Unlike the situation in my alma mater in which the anime club and tabletop gaming club were in an amiable, nigh incestuous relationship, our in-game university has seen a rivalry between the two from time immemorial. And as the game progresses, we find out why – these are no ordinary gamers, but SATANIST gamers bound to offer up the student union as a dark altar to heathen gods. The second half of the game sees all hell break loose as a rift to the abyss is opened, releasing all sorts of crazy monsters onto the campus to do all sorts of crazy anime things to all sorts of crazy people. The protagonist has to choose who to protect and pick his battles against the gamer hierarchy, proving his deep knowledge of both otakudom and the enemy territory, before finally facing off against the demon menace itself.

I’m seeing this whole thing sort of turning into a Bruce Campbell-esque dark parody that runs roughshod over American anime and gamer fandom while simultaneously acknowledging its inextricable ties to both, a world in which Christian Anime Alliance members are devoured by gamer-summoned hellspawn and the apocalypse is rung in cheerfully on all sides. Don’t know about robot arms or chainsaws yet but hey, anything is possible. This idea started in a very different place and who knows where it’ll go from here. Probably (hopefully?) nowhere.