bounty of the moon


  • Gun x Sword finally has something on its JVC Music page aside from nothing. It’s only moving text set to music in a shitty .ram file but at least the project is still alive.
  • This month’s issue of Dragon Age is out today, with the special Full Metal Panic DVD ~Chidori Version~ included. I’ll pick it up later and cap some screens from Second Raid if the promo is anything worthwhile.
  • The TBS Rozen Maiden site is updated with much information, hit the links under “what’s new!” for details. The item of greatest note is probably this.
  • A new show by the name of Kirameki Project will be starting on June 24th, with promo videos here.
  • We laughed, we cried. Mostly cried. On August 5th, another love song is here.
  • The Re: Cutie Honey Animation Design Book came out yesterday.

Eroge Corner

  • Two heartful RPGs are coming soon to a PC shop near you: Alice Soft’s Pastel Chime Continue, set for June 17th, and Leaf’s Tears to Tiara, out on the 28th of this month. The latter is looking to be of especially high quality and low H content and is thus recommended for general audiences (check out the various demo movies available here).
  • Terios has uploaded a few new sample CG images from their forthcoming title Magical Canan ~Risea~.
  • Silkys’ Jokei Kazoku page has information on a special artbook to be included with the first pressing of the game, making this purchase all the more tempting. They may have blocked me as a referrer so if you can’t access the link from here try a copy -> paste.
  • Two older Clockup games are being rereleased on April 28th in “regular editions” at half the original price: Eclipse and Kuroai. I’m thinking about going for Eclipse but my eroge list for this month is already out of sight. ;_;
  • has a roundup of new games available for download starting yesterday. Here’s hoping for a Kosutte Gin-Gin full package release.
  • Nitro+ has a few sample CG images up for Jingai Makyou. I’m glad this isn’t coming out on the 28th along with every other eroge I’ve been interested in so far this year.
  • Toranoana has a preorder page up for the Boin Official Fanbook BOIN BEST SELECTION, to be released on the 21st of this month. Banzai. [game site]

Odds and Ends