I didn’t know Japan was still capable of making this sort of thing.

Starting with a knockout opening sequence, Futakoi Alternative skydives out of a burning plane and lands on its feet with a perfect 10. If Snatch or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was turned into a moe anime, this would be it.

Plot-wise, it’s your basic detective’s cat eats the pet bird of the local yakuza leader entrusted to his care by a friend and winds up in a prize fighting ring while one of his partners is making immensely popular croquets because the croquet store lady accidentally sliced her hands up when the local tv crew came to film her and the other is running protection for a fat Chinese guy pursued by another gang and blowing up their office so they have to repair it at the end of the show. The action is fast-paced and FLCL-ish with a lot of explosions and deformed vehicular mania, the direction is spot-on and the music works perfectly with the manic stylings of the show. The OP is a hard rocking chick vocal thing that comes out of nowhere and rocks all the harder for it and the ED falls back to the tried and true stop motion Shinobuden formula.

I haven’t felt like a gibbering fanboy for a long time. It’s good to be back. If the series keeps the level of quality it’s shown in this episode as far as I’m concerned it will be the best thing to happen to anime in well over a year. It does my heart good to see that Japan can still pull it out when it counts.