a bunch of news

SCOOP OF THE DAY: G.J? has updated several sections of their Shichinin no Online Gamers site, including sample CG, Tetsuko’s corner, character descriptions and the campaign launched today to solicit names for the special skills the three main characters will use in the game. If anyone has any suggestions for these skills please post them in comments, I’m thinking of sending in a list myself. If your suggestions are chosen they’ll be spoken by the voice actors within the actual game (!). Needless to say I’m really, really, really looking forward to this title. I just wish I’d been on the ball and picked up the February issue of P-mate for the included pinup poster.

Eroge Corner

  • Nitro+ has updated their Jingai Makyou page with character and story information, and a news piece with some minimal release info (release date set for “early summer,” retail price of 9,140 yen (tax included), art by Niθ, runs on Windows 98 through XP, media is 1 DVD-ROM disc).
  • DEEP BLUE provides a much more thorough glimpse of Futari with today’s update, including the demo movie mentioned yesterday, full character introductions, and several new sample CG images. Banzai.
  • 13cm’s Shimai Tsuma is seeing a reduced price (2,940 yen) rerelease on April 8th. With Jumbomax designs at that price point, this one’s a no-brainer.
  • Terios has a new wallpaper available for download, this time from Magical Canan.
  • Galge.com has posted a complete list of April Fool’s pranks perpetrated by eroge developers; sadly many of them are no longer up for perusal.


Odds and Ends

  • Still online from yesterday, Sega presents the Game Gear Goju! A pity the release is 45 years away.
  • For the Marimite fans: Cobalt’s Tokimeki Web Radio episode 1 is online.
  • The PVC version of this kit looks far better in real life than it does on the HLJ order page, and comes highly recommended.