more porno games than you can shake a penis at, and etc.

It seems I’m finally close to recovery from the malady has gripped me by the throat for the past week. In commemoration, here is a digest preview of some eroge either recently released or coming within the next several months that I’m particularly looking forward to.

  • First up we have Jokei Kazoku ~Inbou~, slated for an April 28 release. The art in this is looking phenominal, some of the best I’ve ever seen in an eroge. The story doesn’t seem particularly compelling but with pictures like these who needs a story. Not clicking on this link is like stabbing yourself repeatedly in the face with a spoon.
  • Also on tap for April 28th, Futari is the heartwarming story of you, your sister, and her penis. Dickgirl lovers rejoice, it looks like we’re finally getting a halfway decent full-length eroge devoted entirely to them (and the unfortunately male protagonist). Additional information in this month’s Tech Gian reveals that a lot more hotness and a few more [dg] characters will be present; hopefully the site will be updated soon to that effect. While you’re there, be sure to check out the “Tim-Tim Paradise” net radio linked at the bottom of the site’s front page for a lengthy academic treatise on the definition of futanari, and to hear the main character’s seiyuu in action.
  • [bb] actresses, idols and newscasters take center stage in Joyuu Nanako, which while looking to be a bit too forcible at times has visuals that pay out quite nicely. This was released yesterday, and while not of the highest priority it might be worth tracking down.
  • Maid in Heaven SuperS came out last week and looks to be a sure fire winner. With Sexfriend as precident, over 250 CG illustrations, an opening theme by Maid in Health (edit: not Maid in Health), and the tried and true formula of your very own devoted live-in maid who may or may not also be a childhood friend, how can you go wrong? I’ve held off playing this thus far as I’m seriously thinking of buying it.
  • From Lilith, a double threat. First off is Ane-Hara Mix, the story of your older sister and the goddess of death who is also your other older sister. Perhaps. This should be out now, and in fact it is. Next we have Toku Musou Sakan Rei & Fuuko, apparently released for download today (though as of posting the links aren’t functional yet) and in package version on April 8th. Looks like a sure bet for tentacle fans, and those who enjoyed Hime Kishi Lilia.
  • I’ve never been particularly interested in the Age brand, but Muv Luv Alternative may change that. As reported a couple of months ago the revised release date here is May 27th, plenty of time to pull together the requisite yen if it keeps looking like it will be worth the investment. The hints of CG I’ve seen so far have been superlative, and while I hated the KGNE plot with a passion I’m willing to give Age a breasts. Err- chance. A chance.
  • Slated only for “2005 Summer,” the Shichinin no Online Gamers site continues to hold out tantalizing bits of hotness. The same tantalizing bits of hotness that have been there for a month. Please update soon. One thing I don’t think I’ve noted yet about this title that might be of interest is that one of the characters, Renka, is someone who we’ve seen before in both her online and offline incarnations. I have high hopes for this tie-in as she was my favorite character in Akikano. Can I call it that?
  • The art isn’t quite as good as that of Joukei Kazoku, but conceptually Shimai Kyoushi Donburi has it where it counts. The game’s subtitle is “The sexy class of the sister teachers.” Anything more I could say about it would be needless window dressing, aside from noting that the release date of July 15th is deplorably far away.
  • Rounding up today’s list is a hint at the next blockbuster release from Nitro+. I’ve never been very excited about their games in the past, but Ignis, the heroine of Jingai Makyou, is making me think twice. All we know about this so far is that we have another nebulous “Summer 2005” release on our hands, and that there are a few more promisingly sexy images in this month’s TG. Maybe I’ll whip out the scanner for this one.

And now for something completely different:

  • A man with several garage kits up his website. I’m not quite sure how I missed this fellow at Wanfesu, especially due to his amazing Yayoi.
  • Milky’s Milk Junkies ep. 1 and Shin Bible Black ep. 3 were released yesterday. Both look to be of spectacular quality and I highly anticipate the pleasurable viewing experience they will no doubt provide.