• Episodes one and two of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan aired on Saturday night, and it is everything I expected and more. Apparently it’s being directed by the same fellow who directed Guu, which goes a long way toward explaining the frenetic, sight-gag laden feel of the show – aurally it doesn’t compare in terms of wit or voice talent (though Chiba Saeko’s Dokuro is a solid performance, Watanabe Naoko’s Guu is irreplaceable), but this is made up for by the hilariously wanton visual violence and fanservice (the most grotesque bits edited out of the broadcast version, replaced by commercials for the forthcoming DVD). Albert has links to screencaps over at if that’s your fancy.
  • Otakei (ヲタケイ) is apparently the name of the musical genre to which bands such as Maid in Health belong, along with the other groups performing at Otafest as part of Comiket Special 4 this coming Sunday. These groups principally cover denpa, anime and game songs, along with originals in the same vein. This is a fascinating and formerly unknown slice of the otaku experience in Japan and more investigation of it is a high priority; discoveries will be reported here as they are unearthed. For now, here is Maid in Health in action.
  • The load of painting supplies, putty, glue and tools that I ordered arrived on schedule last night. It’s rather overwhelming to suddenly be in posession of a vast array of options in kit construction and finishing that I don’t know how to fully utilize; I need to press forward and risk making a few mistakes in the learning process, and unfortunately for her, Kaicho is the test subject. Hopefully I won’t be forced to amputate and jury-rig any artificial limbs.