four-score and seven years ago

In the course of human events, there comes a time when a man must set down in writing the trivialities of his daily existence, and thereby seek affirmation of his worth from individuals he will never meet. This often coincides with the time when a man must commit terrible violence against his own person, resulting in the loss of fine motor functions or perhaps a pound of flesh from the innards of his skull.

Will these two occasions coincide in the following experiment? I do not know. If I decide to go at my fingers with a hacksaw you can be sure I’ll take pictures, though, and upload them with my stumps before I pass out. Otherwise I’m going to try to use this newly-acquired bandwidth and space to rant on a daily basis about shit that I think is interesting and that I think others might think is interesting. It will be just like talking to the posters in my bedroom, only uglier and with a slightly higher chance of provoking a response.

Before succombing to the blight on modern cultural progress that is the internet journal I must make one plea: like so many others in my position I have no idea what the fuck I am doing with the internet, and would appreciate it if someone out there could hack together a .css that would make the front this blog look less vile. I can reimburse you with wacky Japanese goods such as Pocky, BLACK BLACK gum, Domo-kun replicas, phallic, abstract representations of the Tokyo Tower, “Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend” or “Strange Foreigner” T-shirts, or perhaps porn. Note that “phallic” is not an individual item, though it sounds as if it should be. Like garlic, perhaps, worn around the neck to ward off vampires.

As a final note, I am indebted to for the notion of a catchy daily blog title, with the caveat that mine is stupid. I am also indebted to moetry for the inspiration to make this foray into the blogging wilderness, and can only aspire to the level of dedication displayed within its digital pages.