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Eroge Review: Akibakei Kanojo

The female protagonist of Akibakei Kanojo is neither Akibakei nor, strictly speaking, a kanojo. Discuss.

2005 Winter Season Roundup

In no particular order: Jinki: EXTEND The first episode was fun, the second much less so. Aoba is too submissive and unable to eloquently express her supposed love for robots, evil stepmother is an abhorent character, and while the male lead looks somewhat promising he’s likely to be sucked into formulaic genre conventions down the […]

First Post

There’s something coming. There’s a new car on the horizon. It’s coming very slowly. It makes a noise. It has kittens painted all over it. With a new kind of fur. Cleaner, but with a unique smell. Yet, one of these kittens is not prepared to have a good time. It stands alone. Away from the crowd. It’s your kind of kitten. Now the time has come to climb into that car and to shake the paw of destiny.