Translation is complete, just over a week behind schedule. The ball is now in CV’s court as we push toward release.

Saturday night was my company’s Christmas party. It was fun to see some of the new crop of teachers I hadn’t met before, though somewhat sobering to realize that after a year and a few months here my tenure is among the longest of the teachers working for this company. The party was only nominally so for us, as our job there was to entertain the adult students who were in attendance (and who were actually paying for the food and drink). This was a relatively painless procedure, especially considering that it resulted in my acquisition of the contact information of a cute OL, with whom in the course of conversation it was revealed that she was both a graduate of the Tokyo University School of Law (!) and an otaku, who will be attending Comiket 67 to help staff her high school friend’s booth. She’s not Ohno-class [bb], but I’ll take what I can get.

What with this contact and my occasional chats with the fellow down at the hobby shop in town I feel like I’m slowly making contact with the real world of Japanese fandom, and it’s a good feeling. None of the people I know personally in this regard are particularly fat, greasy, or socially awkward (except to the extent that everyone is when dealing with some crazy gaijin who suddenly starts talking about pornographic drawings). If I can reestablish contact with garyoukou in the next few weeks, that will be icing on the cake.

On a whim I went to try to purchase a PSP yesterday (the day it was released). Surprise surprise, it was sold out. My hobby shop contact told me that they didn’t even make enough of them to fill all the preorders in time for release. gg Sony. By the time they’re widely available my interest will probably have faded.

What else to rant about. Genshiken 9 was amazing, by far the best episode of the series so far, and I would provide screen shots here if zoomplayer would cooperate, which it stubbornly refuses to do. 10 was solid as well, earning points for Saki and Ohno beach fanservice, Saki slapping Keiko around, Madarame looking like the Depp character from Fear and Loathing, Cagliostro, and the “what all guys do after a day of shopping at Comiket” gag at the end. Oh, and a quality smirk from Ohno after she gets Keiko hooked on yaoi. 10 also feeds the already blazing fire of Kujian hype; at this point I can’t imagine anyone watching the series is thinking of buying anything but the box set if they’re planning to buy.

Speaking of which, the first box comes out on the 22nd, and with any luck it won’t sell out by the morning of the 23rd when I plan to head to Akiba to pick up the Comiket 67 catalog. Now that I have written that here it will certainly sell out and I will be forced to slice some corpulent otaku’s belly open to retrieve it.

In Comiket news, there is no Comiket news yet. The CDROM version of the catalog comes out on the 18th at which point I intend to download it via winny and distribute it among interested parties, purchasing my legit copy on the 23rd. I haven’t started making a circle list yet in any disciplined way; there’s nothing I’m looking forward to with that sort of burning intensity this time around, and there will be plenty of time to build hype in the next few weeks, especially when I can sit down with the catalog next weekend. All I can say right now is that it’s going to be fucking INSANE. Three days of people and circles packed into two days of event is never a good idea.