lol relin

While the details have yet to be ironed out, it appears I will be translating Welcome to the NHK under the auspices of Jinmen Juushin. As of now this announcement should be treated as “lol relin” and left as such until some product actually appears. I am not 100% sure that JJ has even obtained official approval for the project transfer from Manga Inc., the group originally doing it, but pending that approval I do intend to give this sucker a shot. It’s the only manga since the licensing of Genshiken that I’ve been able to muster any interest at all in translating, so hopefully the logistics will be settled soon. I still have some “artistic differences” with JJ but I think they can be worked through. Why do I think I’ll stick with this when I crapped out on Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa and Genshiken? Mostly because it should be a lot easier. Neither of the former had furigana, and NHK does. Also, as it stands NHK is in its (relative) infancy; even if I start from scratch with chapter one there will only be about ten chapters to do to to catch up with volumes released thus far (including vol. 2 which comes out later this month). That said, this will be vaporware until the scripts start rolling, so feel free to disregard.

I watched the Cutie Honey live action movie last night, which was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Eriko Satoh is hot, but Mikako Ichikawa as Nat-chan was sexier (see: black t-shirt apartment scene). It was amusing to note the high level of visual correlation between the film and Re: Cutie Honey, which in hindsight are two alternate takes on the same story, sharing the same OP, cast of characters, and general plot line. Enough details are changed that they compliment each other well, I’d say. It was a bit unsettling to see the campiness of the anime translated to live action, and this might be a barrier for some people – it’s a very silly movie, far from any sort of typical Hollywood fare. It could have benefited from a higher effects budget, but given the nature of the film the cheap tricks used to substitute for a full CG blowout didn’t seem as out of place as they might have.

Comic Revolution 37 will be occurring on April 24th, and I intend to participate. I haven’t quite decided what I’ll be selling, but I’m leaning towards an Ohno x Tanaka Genshiken book. I haven’t been drawing a lot recently, and was pretty disgusted at the crap that came out when I sat down yesterday to sketch a bit; I need to get back into a daily routine if I’m going to produce something decent by April. I was initially planning to participate in Comiket 66, which obviously didn’t happen, then in 67, which won’t be happening either, but next summer 68 – FOR SURE, dammit. I have someone here willing to help me translate and fill out the application form, which was the only real barrier in the past. Can I actually draw? Better than some of the crap that gets sold at Comiket, but that isn’t saying much. I’ll post finished content here if and when it happens, otherwise I have a long-neglected site up at that has some stuff and is in sore need of an update.

I get paid on Wednesday, which won’t be soon enough. I have exactly one ten yen coin to my name right now, and if I eat carefully should have enough yakisoba to last until I can pick up my pay. I spend too much money on food as it is, though, so this is probably a good thing. In some alternate universe in which manga is an edible commodity. I welcome the visit of Saber, Ixnorp and Chikushou, mainly for the opportunity to feast upon their inexpensive and succulent flesh.

Brief anime viewing digest: I watched Crest of the Stars for the first time over the weekend, and was pleasantly surprised. Just when I think I’ve seen all of the quality anime from the past decade a new series springs out to captivate me. Initial impressions after the first episode didn’t do much for me; stylistically it reminded me of Gasaraki, which is fine, but the world really only needs one Gasaraki. I decided to watch the second episode on Saturday afternoon, and plowed through the rest in that sitting. After reflecting a bit I’d say a more apt analogy would be to Juuni Kokki, with its epic scale, detailed cosmology and strong lead female character. I’m currently downloading Banner I and II and with any luck they’ll be finished by the time I get home for an evening’s festive marathon.

I also caught up on a few episodes of Tsukuyomi and Mai Hime over the weekend, both of which remain engaging and will be on the “to watch” roster until further notice. Genshiken 05 is on the docket for tonight, Sunabouzu for tomorrow night, along with School Rumble. The beginning of the week is packed this season.

Late breaking news emerging during the writing of this post: apparently Manga Inc.’s lone Japanese to English translator has quit, which leaves NHK officially open. It’s translating time, bitches.