Kyonyuu ni Narimasu

So I’ve been meaning to write an entry for awhile, but the glut of information to share has swollen to impossible dimensions. What’s on my mind right now:

Genshiken, as usual. As Ricequeen says Ohno is quite nice looking, better than the pictures easily obtainable online. In Akihabara last weekend I saw an advertisement for a second Ohno figure and then was lucky enough to stumble upon it again on the cover of December’s Hobby Japan, within which is a promotion through which the alternative figure is exclusively obtainable. 3500 yens for a standing version of the Yujin figure already released. I believe I will venture into the world of Japan mail order with this purchase.

December’s Afternoon came out on Monday, with an “AFTERNOON ANIME” promotional DVD attached. The only material running in Afternoon right now that is currently or soon to be broadcast as anime is Genshiken and Beyond the Clouds (not actually serialized in Afternoon, but Hoshi no Koe is), so the disc contained mostly Genshiken material and the two Beyond the Clouds trailers previously available online. The Genshiken material was the first half of episode one of Genshiken, an unremarkable inclusion, and the first half of episode one of Kujibiki Unbalance, a much more interesting item. A sizeable portion of the footage from this has not been seen in the Genshiken anime as of yet, and it was a tantalizing preview of the full episode to be released with the first Genshiken box on December 22.

Among the crazy momentary “translation” ideas I get and then discard was the thought of distributing chapter synopses with raws of the Genshiken manga. This would allow people to at least get the gist of what was going on without making me do any real translation work (or being forced to release through a group). I don’t know if there would be any interest in this and if there isn’t I certainly won’t do it; if this is the kind of thing people would like to see let me know and I’ll sit down and spend a few hours typing it up.

Last weekend I picked up November’s issue of Shounen Ace, and the December issue came out on Tuesday. I’ve been poring through them with delight, partly because of the furigana but mostly because it appears to be a quality serial publication. Aside from Welcome to the NHK, the second volume of which will be released on a date which I momentarily forget but I believe is November 26th and is at any rate in the second half of November and the reason why I purchased the magazine to begin with, there are several other items of interest which I would list now but will instead refrain with the knowledge that the list would not be complete without the magazine in front of me. A list of interesting titles will be forthcoming. Possibly.

Yesterday was the yearly English speech contest for my region. The seventh grade student from my school scored third prize, which was nice; better than last year in which we one none of the thirty prizes in the offing. Out of 31 schools (five third place, three second place, and two first place for each of three grades). Today I will be participating in a demonstration team teaching class which will be evaluated by several dozen teachers and members of the Ministry of Education. I’m not particularly nervous, but am concerned that it go well for the sake of the teacher I’m working with, who actually holds some responsibility within the system.

A tray of school lunch has just appeared and I think I will eat it…… done.

Another Genshiken note; the OP was released on Wednesday, but when I saught it at WonderGOO that evening it was sold out. Two other nearby record stores had never heard of it and had to look it up; needless to say they did not have it in stock. Ashikaga can be a frustrating place to live when it comes to the acquisition of otaku goods. I will attempt this purchase again tomorrow with hopes of greater success. Should I be unable to obtain it tomorrow either I will content myself with the acquisition of next month’s Megami and Dengeki Animaga.

In fall season anime news (and by “news” I mean “opinions”) Sunabouzu has kept my interest through four episodes and will hopefully continue to do so. School Rumble is another solid pick, of course, and despite the near-universal revulsion for Grenadier I will continue to download and skim the episodes for impossible physics. I intend to catch up Tsukuyomi and Mai Hime and have been downloading the raws as they are released. Maybe Kannazuki no Miko and Rozen Maiden also. I’m watching a few other things this season but I cannot remember what they are. Episode three of Re: Cutie Honey has been airing on SkyPerfect pay-per-view since the 23rd and there is a raw I am pursuing on Winny. The DVD has been delayed until the second half of September.

The PlayStation Portable will be “available” in Japan on December 12th. I may endeavor to obtain one of these devices, an effort that will most likely be in vain. If I do manage to come across one it will be employed as a diversion during the many hours of train travel engendered by the arrival of Saber, Chikoushou and potentially Ixnorp upon these foreign shores. I am anticipating the opportunity to not rape them and instead go to Comic Market and engage in other innocuous non-homosexual Japanese media related activity. Perhaps somewhat homosexual.

Oh it is time to stop writing