From this site:

“Another FMP anime is coming up! It appears that this time, the story of Sousuke and Kaname’s deepening bonds will be animated in an episode known as “The Final Day By Day.” It will be directed by the man responsible for the gag-filled “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu,” Takemoto Yasuhiro. The original manga author, Gatoh Shouji, will be participating as the series organizer. Further details will be released at the Tokyo International Entertainment Market on October 22nd.”

Note that by “episode” they appear to mean “period” and not “single episode of anime” (as Gatoh is listed as “series” organizer).

This announcement is making me far more excited than it probably should, especially this early in the game, but I’ll allow myself this much conjecture: a series focusing on the deepening of of the Sousuke/Kaname relationship and helmed by the director of Fumoffu cannot be a bad thing.

Ah, the fanboy within me stirs.


From the official site:

Genshiken itself will be 26 episodes long (episode length not specified). Of those episodes, three of them will either be entirely Kujian or have Kujian episodes contained within them: episodes 1, 21, and 25. Aside from these episodes, the Kujian OP, ED, and episode previews will be regular features of the Genshiken anime.

In other news:

It appears the Genshiken anime will span the first four volumes of the manga. The fifth volume will be on sale on November 22nd. The December issue of Afternoon, on sale 10/25, will contain a DVD with 30 minutes of Genshiken/Kujian related footage. A “book” of some sort will be available at the Media Factory booth at the Tokyo International Entertainment Market from 10/22-24, pictured here. I am desirous of said book.

Also: keep your eyes out for TONS of product placement in Genshiken – apparently the producers have contacted numerous actual makers of games, figures, music, etc. and secured permission for them to appear in the show (in the background of the club room and the individual rooms of the various cast members).